Call of Duty Is Like An Arnie Movie

Call of Duty

As I sit here watching the end credits I’m thinking to myself ‘NEXT’! Not because I can’t wait to play on the next instalment but Call of Duty has become such a throw away experience that it’s got to the point that most of us would sit through it and have a few laughs but feel nothing more. Of course, I’m only referring to the Campaign mode here, the Multiplayer Mode being a totally different kettle of fish and strictly the Infinity Ward produced entries.

When the first Modern Warfare first hit our screens it was the best thing since… Whatever the digital version of sliced bread is! Even for a non-shooter fan like me it peaked my interest. The Campaign Mode is simply the most exciting roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on. We were all blown away by the stunning visuals, the breakneck speed the story moves along at and it just had a boyish coolness about it.

That was it! Infinity Ward found the winning formula and repeated it for the next 2 sequels and the rest as they say is history. Call of Duty had unprecedented success and smashing bi-annual records with each release but only with minimal improvements in gameplay and graphics. As I explained in my Ghosts review, which you can read here Now that the Modern Warfare saga is done and dusted and the next gen consoles were on the horizon, Infinity Ward had a golden opportunity to prove their mettle and blow away all the poo-poo sayers and come with something that looks AND feels original and fresh. but as we now know that didn’t happen, instead what we got was more of the same.

But, I am not actually here to slate Call of Duty, that has been done enough, I’m here to partially defend it. Do you know what Call of Duty has unwittingly turned into? An Arnie movie! Like the former Mr Universe we have a certain expectation of what Call of Duty will be like. It is an unrelenting, bonkers,  totally over-the-top, boy-toy wielding, crazy ride of a game. It requires little brain power, satisfies an entry level of blood lust and actually works exceedingly well as stress relief – just like an Arnie movie! There is a place for everything and for COD this is the space it excels in as it doesn’t try to be too clever or pretend to be something it’s not and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. People who bought Call of Duty: Ghosts and were angered by it’s repetitiveness are kidding themselves, what were they expecting? Even from a financial point of view what would Activision gain from overhauling it’s cash cow? I want Infinity Ward to keep doing what they do because they’re good at it. Need I remind you what happened when Arnie tried to make comedies!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Call of Duty has almost becomes it’s own category now because of how similar each iteration has become BUT it is good fun while it lasts, you can turn your brain off and just chill out and have a laugh. When it’s done (depending if you want to have your backside handed to you by some 13 year old on the Multiplayer) you can put it aside knowing that you’ve been entertained, nothing more and there is nothing wrong with that!

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