Eschalon Book III PC Preview


Eschalon III is an old-style classic RPG game from Basilisk Games. It is the third book of the Eschalon trilogy where you can get secrets, riddles, puzzles, and creatures which players could enjoy while they playing. It is very impressive game if you want to play old, classic and western-style RPG.

Great Character Development Panel
Pretty similar to other RPG games, Eschalon provides:
-5 different classes – Fighter, Rogue, Magick user, Healer and Ranger.
-5 different religions – Atheistic, Druidic, Virtuous, Nefarious, Agnostic that define the characters’ belief system.
-5 different origins – Nor’lander, Barrean, Emayu, Therish, Kessian where you can define attribute bonuses.


Difficulty Levels
Eschalon has 4 different types of difficulty related to your character requirements. For example, you have to deal with hunger and thirst if you select normal game mode when you start. This makes sense when you play RPG, but not a hack’n'slash. Additionally, it enforces players to survey additional goods which makes you discover a fantastic gaming environment.


“The game is not really easy”
Most importantly, gamers should spend quite a bit of time discovering the Eschalon Book III requirements while they play. Also, you should get proper gear and be careful about the environment while you are in combat. Players should be careful about the line of sight, tactical coverage, darkness coverage, environmental conditions, magical effects, offensive and defensive skills and much more. As enemies become increasingly difficult, you’ll need to consider these factors. Additionally,¬†players should spend more time to increase their health without spending some time for camping.

“How can i kill this big roach while you can’t see anything???”
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Had a Green light from Steam Store
It should be noted that the Steam community has shown their interest in this game. Basilisk games will start to release Eschalon Book III on Steam soon. Eschalon Book III will be released on the 14th of February.

To Sum Up, the game:
- has a deep gaming environment which is full of challenges, puzzles, dungeons, etc.
- has classic traditional role play character development.
- has very good sound and effects like the old times.
- has an old-classic and isometric graphic style like in the 80′s and 90′s.
- has a unique RPG world like Ultima Online.


Eschalon Book III

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