Mega Man Tribute Album BOSS BEATS Now Available

Mega Man tribute

GameChops has released an EDM tribute to Mega Man for series 25th anniversary. Produced by ABSRDST, BOSS BEATS re-imagines the Mega Man soundtrack via a modern music production. Genres range from classic house, to retro chiptune, to futuristic bass music, ABSRDST shows his talents as a producer with this amazing work of art.

Tracks include compositions from Mega Man 2, 9, 10 and X6, originally composed by Manami Matsumae, Takashi Tateishi, Naoto Tanaka and Yu Shimoda. ABSRDST worked with Manami Matsumae on the remix of her composition which should be a real treat to the hardcore fans!

GameChops continues to push itself as a leader in video game inspired EDM with albums like BOSS BEATS.

BOSS BEATS is now available for $7:


About GameChops (via GamesPress)

GameChops is a record label founded by performer and producer Dj CUTMAN. It is the first label in the world to focus on producing and licensing Electronic Dance Music (EDM) cover songs from video games. GameChops has been awarded the #1 spot on Bandcamp three times this year.

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